It's Simple.

I co-founded The People's Campaign with Kellen Sweny because people are upset with the current system; Democracy only works if we work together. The People's Campaign is a new way of leading. It asks the questions of the community rather than demanding the community conform to individual, party or special interests.

Below are our principles of how we will campaign and how we commit to leading once we are elected.



The People's Campaign candidates commit to running a new kind of campaign.

  1. Donate Contributions
    I don't want your money for this campaign. I am determined to transition power from special interests back to the community. Donations to the campaign will go to non-profits already serving the community. Learn about our partners.
  2. Run Independent of Party
    Parties favor ideologies over individuals. Your representative should respond to the unique needs of your community, not a predetermined stance. Rest assured, there are issues we believe are important and you can find them here.
  3. Everyone Has an Equal Voice
    You have a voice. I want to hear it. You deserve to be included in the conversation, especially when we disagree.



The People's Campaign representatives commit to a new kind of leadership. 

  1. Crowdsource the Agenda
    You’re the best determiner of what you need, not a platform of preset policies. As a representative, my job is to take those needs and address them at the national level. I'll be communicating with you frequently and asking what's important to you so you get to decide what we focus on.
  2. Transparency
    You have a right to know who is at the decision-making table. You have the right to demand that you, not special interests, are the beneficiary. I'll be transparent with who I take meetings with and what I am doing when I am in Washington. 
  3. Accessibility
    I'm not just available for photo-ops and ribbon cuttings. I'm here for you. Without accessibility I can’t begin to follow through on my commitment to represent you. So here's my phone number, 713-855-4789. Text whenever you'd like. 

It's simple: this is about you.